8-Bit Theater
Episode 044
Nothing always is the answer to save your own ass
Nothing always is the answer to save your own ass
What the Hell Just Happened in Survivor 8-bit Style Part 9?!
Date Published Monday June 18th, 2001
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The Onion Kid is dreaming of the laws abiding magic or madness.

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The Onion Kid, still unconscious, is falling within a dark atmosphere with a magic circle behind him. the words 'don't look at me' appears occasionally.
The mind of a child is filled with magic because it has not yet learned to suffocate itself with the mundanity of experience.

But the line between magic and madness is fragile and easily frayed.

One can fall between the cracks, slip through the shadows and meet the denizens of the other side of the universe.

But is that mad...

Or is that magic...

White Mage What did you do to this kid!
Black Mage Would you believe...Nothing?