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No Extra Title for Survivor 8-bit Style Part 10
Date Published Wednesday June 20th, 2001
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White Mage is working out what happened to the Onion Kid.

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White MageWell, I'm stumped. The kid's got full HP and no status ailments. I have no idea what is wrong with him.
Black MageI'm sure he wasn't driven insane by being confronted with something so infused with unreality or contrary to Eucilidian geometry that his rational mind instantly snapped.

(thinking) Good cover, B.M. No one could ever mistake that as an admission of guilt. Damn, I smooth.

Everyone looks at Black Mage
Black MageYeah, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I found him in the trash therefore explaining what you saw. I was pulling the poor tyke out, not stuffing him in. So it's a simple misunderstanding, right? eh heh...
FighterOhhhhhhh. Well, that make sense to me. Good ol' Black Mage, he's always trying to help people.
White Mage What are you talking about!
FighterBlack Mage is always helping people.. The problem is, they almost never understand his unique brand of help so they usually end up yelling... Or screaming... Or burning.
White MageWhy me?
Meanwhile, just left of those panels...
Red MageSo you see, 3rd edition rules allow you to add 'Feats' to further specialize your character.
ThiefI'm liking the sound of this.
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