8-Bit Theater
Episode 046
What the hell has Black Mage done to poor Rex this time?
What the hell has Black Mage done to poor Rex this time?
Episode 046: This One Is Called Survivor 8-bit Style Part 11
Date Published Friday June 22nd, 2001
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The Onion Kid tries to recall what happened.

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Onion Kid Ugh... What happened to me?
White Mage We were sort of hoping you could tell us that.
Onion Kid Well... I seem to remember... I was going to the store for my mom.
White Mage Ok, then what?
Onion Kid Well. it gets kinda fuzzy around there.
Black Mage Oh, what a shame. Guess we can't possibly trust the little guy's memory due to the trauma that happened-- Before I ever got here mind you-- So no matter what he says, it's bound to be very wrong especially if it involves me in any way.
White Mage Hm. Well, how do you feel now?.
Onion Kid Pretty good I guess. Just a little dizzy, but I should be fine. Thanks.
Black Mage Good, good. Off you go then. Don't dawdle.
Black Mage grabs hold of Rex.
Black Mage (Whispers to kid) And if you ever speak of this day again, I'll redefine your world as living pain.
Black Mage tosses Rex away.