8-Bit Theater
Episode 048
Dirty boy!
Dirty boy!
Memories and a Modest Proposal
Date Published Wednesday June 27th, 2001
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White Mage and Black Mage talk about their time spent together in the past 24 episodes.

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Both Black Mage and White Mage talk to each other, their speech bubbles containing events which occurred between them in the past (except the last one).
Black Mage (Speech bubble containing himself and White Mage, the latter holding a magazine)
White Mage (Speech bubble containing herself 'powing' Black Mage with her hammer)
Black Mage (Speech bubble containing himself slamming into the Flat Surfaces 'R' Us building)
White Mage (Speech bubble containing Black Mage putting the Onion Kid in a trash can whilst saying "What!")
Black Mage (Speech bubble containing himself and White Mage having sex)
White Mage scowls at Black Mage.
Fighter You're not good at talking with girls.
Black Mage (on the floor) I hate you all.