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Episode 051
Episode 51
And in first place is Fighter at 3-1 closely followed by Red Mage at 5-1 and Thief is third at 3-5 Favourite but really down the pecking order is Black Mage, at 100-1!
Time To Say Good-DIIIIIIIE!
Date Published Wednesday July 4th, 2001
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White Mage goes, Black Mage attempts to kill everyone else.

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White MageWell guys, be seein' ya. Ciao.
Red Mage
FighterY'know, it's a shame that she couldn't come with us.
Black MageGrrr.
ThiefWell, it had to be one of us... er, not one of us really since Mage and Fighter seem destined to team up.
Black MageGRRR! it only came down to her and Red Mage in the end.
Red MageBut if you think about it, that's no choice. After all, I am...

(cheesy lensflare--go!)

FighterHey, we never did find out who Black Mage wanted to join our team. Not that it matters now.
Black MageRage boiling over...
FighterWas it White Mage?
Black MageFury... seething
FighterDo you like her, or like her like her?
Black Mage takes his dagger out and chases the other Light Warriors.
ThiefLuckily, I am most skilled in running the hell away.
Red MageYa damn right!

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