8-Bit Theater
Episode 052
Lord Cosmos, smite this pathetic excuse for an antagonist!
Lord Cosmos, smite this pathetic excuse for an antagonist!
Date Published Saturday July 7th, 2001
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We now cut to Garland who is the most evil person you will ever come across.

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And so, as the Warriors of Light gather their strength...
Black Mage (chasing after the other Light Warriors) DIE, PITIFUL HALF-MEN!
So too does a Warrior of Darkness...
Cut to Garland and Sara at the Temple of Fiends.
Garland Yes, soon the planets will be in alignment with the ley lines of evil and I will be able to usher in a new era of painful... erm, suffering and uh... discomfort in general.
Sara God, you're bad at this.
Garland Silence, hostage wench! cower before my dark powers of unpleasantness!
Sara This is part of my torture, isn't it.
Garland Grah! I am Garland the evil er... bad guy adversary person. Yeah.
Sara Riiiight.
Garland You will pay for your insolence, princess. For when I summon the Dark Lord Chaos to do my bidding, my first uh... bid will be to hurrrrrt you. Hurrrrt you!
Sara What're you gonna have him do? Poke me in the ribs?
Garland Oh heavens no. I'm nefarious, not cruel.