8-Bit Theater
Episode 053
I always thought bad guys put posters of Britney Spears on their walls
I always thought bad guys put posters of Britney Spears on their walls
More Villainous Buffoonery
Date Published Monday July 9th, 2001
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Garland tries on his bad guy outfit but Sara is not impressed by his bad guy-ness.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Garland (looking in the mirror) Ah yes, the ol' bad guy outfit still fits like a charm. Not many arch-fiends can say that.
The poster on the wall has a dragon and the words Hang in there baby.
Sara By Bahamut's flame, what are you doing?
Garland EEK!

Don't you knock?

Sara What's with that get-up?
Garland It's my bad guy outfit. I was trying it on to make sure it still fits. After all these years, I've still got my slim nefarious figure.
Sara I know I'm going to regret this, but I have to ask. Why are you trying it on?
Garland Well, the Light Warriors will be here soon to rescue you. I want to make sure I look good for when they get here to die.
Sara You villains are wierd.
Garland Hey, you take that back! And how'd you get in here anyway? You're supposed to be my prisoner. Shouldn't you be locked up in a dungeon or something?
Sara Probably. But, as I said before, you're bad at this.
Garland Geez. Rub it in why don't ya.
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