8-Bit Theater
Episode 054
Looks like they can get NBC in the 8-Bit world, too
Looks like they can get NBC in the 8-Bit world, too
A Very Bad Plan
Date Published Wednesday July 11th, 2001
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Sara agrees to make Garland a better bad guy.

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The poster on the wall reads:-


blah blahdy blah yadda yadda and so
on and such like...


Garland Heh, Golden Girls. Blanch , you're only as old as you feel.
Sara Y'know, I've been kidnapped about half a dozen times and this is by far the most inept job I've seen.
Garland Really?
Sara Even the Forest Imps, who have no actual language, were able to keep me from wondering around their territory.
Garland Damn you, Forest Imps! You've been a thorn in my side for too long! You will pay. Oh yes, you will pay.
Sara The front door is unlocked, the back door is wide open, and you don't even have a maze or switches or anything. I could've left at any time. Are you even trying?
Garland Hey, I've got an idea! Since you're so experienced with this whole kidnapping thing, why don't you kinda help me out?
Sara Well, ordinarily I don't like assisting foul servants of the dark in their foul plots to rain destruction upon all the world.
Garland Aww nerts! (pardon my language)
Sara ...but if something's worth doing, then it's worth doing right.
Garland Yaaay!
Sara (thinking) Sucker.