8-Bit Theater
Episode 055
Yeearghble: Black Magish for "I love you guys!"
Yeearghble: Black Magish for "I love you guys!"
Meanwhile, Back In Corneria...
Date Published Friday July 13th, 2001
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Black Mage stabs Fighter, but it never works.

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Back in Corneria, Thief, Red Mage and Fighter are being chased by Black Mage wielding a dagger.
Fighter Why are we running? He's only a Black Mage. He couldn't possibly hurt us.
Thief I'm a Thief. I can only wear leather armor. One of you guys take the hit.
Red Mage Uh... due to my dual class nature, I can only wear light armor. Fighter's got the best dice pool for soaking, anyway, so he should do it.
Black Mage (offscreen) I'm going to kill all of you until you're dead!
Fighter Aw, I don't mind. I've been stabbed by Black Mage lots of times. Usually in my sleep. Anyway, it's not bad.
Fighter stops to face Black Mage.
Red Mage I can't watch.
Thief I can!
Black Mage tries to thrust his dagger into Fighter, but it hits his armor with a 'tink'.
Black Mage Aw hell. Stabbing never works!
Thief It's all in the wrist. Your downward stabbing motion loses too much leverage. You have to start low and stab up, y'see?
Black Mage Hmm, yes. I'll keep that in mind from now on.
Fighter Maybe we should level up a little before seeing the king so he knows we're serious about this Light Warrior gig.
Red Mage (thinking) Level up to gain power or meet with the king to gain status and lord over newbies and impress girls ...ghkkk!
Red Mage faints.
Black Mage Did he just faint?
Fighter I thought I heard him say "munchkin overload."
Thief I bet he probably fainted from exertion, what with carrying around all these items that are heavy with um... value. I should liberate them. Er. For his own good of course.