8-Bit Theater
Episode 057
Well What Did You Think He'd Do?
Date Published Wednesday July 18th, 2001
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Inside the very wealthy interior of Corneria Castle, Thief gets to work straight away.

Cast Appearing[]



The Light Warriors walk past several famous paintings, including the Mona Lisa. The walls are plated with gold.
Red Mage Wow, this place is really nice.

I even think the walls are plated with gold..

Fighter Yeah, this castle is fit for a king!
Black Mage scowls at Fighter.
Fighter What!
Black Mage Just shut up.
Red Mage Man, some of this stuff must cost a fortune.
Fighter Yeah, I bet it's worth a king's ransom!
Black Mage scowls at Fighter again.
Fighter What'd I say!
Thief We shouldn't just hang around in the halls like riff-raff. The guards might catch us.
Black Mage So?
Pan out, showing that Thief had been removing the gold from the walls and putting them in a money bag. A Corneria guard stands behind him.
Black Mage (thinking) He even took the gold from the walls! I am loathe to admit it, but I respect Thief's capacity for evil.
Corneria Guard Hey. Where's you get all this stuff?
Thief Er. I came in with it?
Corneria Guard Oh. Well, carry on then.
Thief Run for it!
Red Mage Darn you, thief!
Black Mage