8-Bit Theater
Episode 062
Don't burst a vein, Black Mage
Don't burst a vein, Black Mage
Weird Philosophical Tangent
Date Published Monday July 30th, 2001
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King Steve explains what the Light Warriors have to do.

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Red Mage So, your kingship, what is it that we'll be doing as Light Warriors anyway?
King Steve Oh, nothing too bad. You just have to defeat Chaos is all.
Black Mage HOLD IT!
Fighter What's his problem?
Black Mage I refuse to take part in an adventure that is metaphysically rooted in the destruction of an abstract and artificial concept like chaos simply because connotatively speaking it's less desirable than the equally artificial term 'order'.

When will you people learn these are merely patterns that our temporal minds have made for us in a desperate attempt to make sense of an unimaginable huge and impersonal universe?

Order, chaos, these are words. Only words for things we don't even understand. Chaos is not something you fight against, order is not something you protect. They have no more power or importance than that which we give them.

And I for one will not perpetuate this asinine paradigm that there is something inherently wrong about chaos.

King Steve Er... I was talking about the nefarious King of Demons, Chaos. Not the idea of chaos.
Black Mage Ohhhh, Chaos. Well, that's different then isn't it. When do we start?