8-Bit Theater
Episode 063
Intern Ninjas: On sale now! (also available in pink)
Intern Ninjas: On sale now! (also available in pink)
Fighter's Got A Point... I Think
Date Published Wednesday August 1st, 2001
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The Light Warriors receives some useful support from the Cornerian army...

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage So I assume we'll have the full support of the Cornerian Army to back us up, right?
King Steve Hmm.. not so much.
Red Mage In that case, I'm sure you'll equip us with a horde of Corneria's most powerful items so we can hack and slash through everything without breaking a sweat. Right?
King Steve Yes. Except replace the phrase 'most powerful' with 'weakest,' and 'equip you' with 'you'll have to buy.'
Thief But I'm sure we'll be buying this new equipment with the massive down payment you'll give us for our requested services.
King Steve Oh, of course. Only... no.
Black Mage Let me get this straight. You want us to risk our lives to save your kingdom and you're not going to offer us the slightest iota of assistance?
Thief It's awfully cost effective though!
King Steve No no no no! Whatever gave you that idea? In fact, we have extensive intelligence regarding Garland's current location from our crack recon team.
Four ninjas appear.
Ninjas We're only intern ninjas.
Black Mage Now we're gettin' somewhere. Lay that recon info on us, King Steve.
The Ninjas confer, explain and whisper to King Steve.
King Steve Garland's castle is North. And a little to the left.
One Ninja whispers into King Steve's ear.
King Steve Or to the right.
Ninja We sorta forgot to write it down sorry.
Black Mage You have got to be kidding.
Fighter Ninjas use swords