8-Bit Theater
Episode 066
The master of too much information
The master of too much information
Is It Possible to be a Fourth Wheel?
Date Published Thursday August 8th, 2001
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Nobody wants Fighter to go with them. Red Mage wears a Girdle.

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Thief Well, we should get going, then
Fighter Spiders... all over... can't get them away...

Fighter falls to the floor.

Black Mage Told ya.
Red Mage It's a shame he doesn't reap the benefits of my Girdle of Endurance.
Thief You wear a girdle?
Red Mage For +3 Endurance, I'd wear my own underwear over my armor.
Thief holds out some cards with the caption Increminating pictures are a thief's best friend.
Thief I'd pay--with someone else's money--to see that so I could then produce some blackmail material to hang over your head for years.
Black Mage (kicking Fighter) Wake up. Hey, moron!
Fighter wakes up.
Fighter Yo.
Black Mage Why don't you go with Thief or something so I can forget that you exist and let the unending tide of rage that I call 'being awake' simmer down to a mere powder keg of fury.
Fighter 'Kay
Thief Great idea. Only Fighter should go with Red Mage.
Fighter Aww. But you always have the coolest shiny things
Thief But Red Mage will be looking at swords.
Fighter SOLD!
Black Mage Whew
Fighter Why aren't we looking at swords yet?
Red Mage If I kill Fighter, will I gain his sword power?