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Buster Sword, Lionheart, Brotherhood, Sword-chuck!
It Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me
Date Published Wednesday August 15th, 2001
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Red Mage is a little over-ambitious at the weapon store as Fighter invents a new weapon.

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Fighter and Red Mage go to the weapon store...
ShopkeeperCan I help you boys?
FighterNow what is it that I wanted?
Red MageYeah, I'd like two Excaliburs, Masamune, an Assassin's Dagger, half a dozen Aegis Shields (we strap the extras to our backs to improve rear AC value), two sets of Crystal Armor, one set of Silent Ring Mail, a Robe of Darkness, four Gauntlets of Giant's Strength, four Helmets of Invisibility, and four pairs of Alacritus's Boots of Speed.
ShopkeeperI've got two wooden swords, a wooden sword my toddler son broke which could pass as a dagger, and a few sets of wooden half armor which are all very noisy and dangerous to those who wear them due to splinters and chaffing.
FighterIt had to do with... something.
ShopkeeperBut I'm pretty sure we've got wooden helmets. They have extra splinters, of course.
Red Mage... of course.

Do you have anything made out of metal?

FighterI'm pretty sure it had to be shiny...
ShopkeeperI've got a whole shipment of iron nunchucks in the back.
Red MageWhy would you have any kind of nunchucks?! This is a western style medieval setting! There aren't any monks or martial artists within five genres of here!
ShopkeeperWhy do you think I still got a whole crate of 'em?
Red MageTouché
FighterNunchucks, eh? That gives me the most smartest idea ever!


ShopkeeperThat is the worst idea anyone has ever had.
Red MageAnd how would you hold them anyway?
Fighter(thinking) I'd be like Bruce Lee meets Musashi! Only better! God, I'm so brilliant!
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