8-Bit Theater
Episode 072
Aww. He's sleepin' with 'is eyes open.
Aww. He's sleepin' with 'is eyes open.
Why Does it Always End in Murder?
Date Published Tuesday August 28th, 2001
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Carl and Lenny get what's coming to them. Black Mage mentally scars the same child again.

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Carl Are you sure you're not the Black Mage we're looking for?
Black Mage Is this the face of a liar?
Lenny It's kinda hard to tell, what with that cheesy disguise and all.
Black Mage It's time to end this...

Well, let's discuss it in theat secluded alley.

Carl I don't see why not.
The guards walk down the secluded alley as Black Mage draws out his dagger.
Black Mage Good. It'd just take longer if you resisted. This is for the best.
Black Mage stabbs the guards with the dagger. Blood splats everywhere.
Black Mage The problem with guards is that they are too inquisitive for their own good.

That and the clean up afterwards is always such a bitch.

Cut to Rex walking in Black Mage's general direction.
Onion Kid Man, I hope I don't bump into that crazy mage again today. But Corneria's a pretty big town and I'm nearly home so I should be fine.
Rex sees Black Mage who has blood stains on his clothes
Black Mage I wouldn't go back there if I were you, kid. It ain't pretty. Unless you're particularly morbid... like me.
Rex carries on anyway and finds Carl and Lenny and the alleyway soaked in blood. The word 'HELP' is written in blood on the wall.
Black Mage (offscreen) Don't say I didn't warn ya, sport.
Onion Kid This has not been a good day for me.