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Episode 073
I love these talks we have.
I love these talks we have.
Black Mage Finally Gets to the Inn
Date Published Thursday August 30th, 2001
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Black Mage books a room at the inn.

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Innkeeper Hello, good sir, how may I help you?
Black Mage I would like to reserve four of your finest rooms!
Innkeeper Very well, sir. That'll be 20 gold pieces per room each night.
Black Mage Twenty gold pieces each?! What is this, highway robbery?!
Innkeeper Oh, no sir, far from it. We're about 100 yards from the main highway. So this would be more along the lines of secondary access road robbery.
Black Mage Touché. Well then just give me the one room.
Innkeeper Certainly. That's a one bed room for 20 gold a night.
Black Mage Great, but it's got to have four beds.
Innkeeper Four beds, sir?
Black Mage Er, yes. I like to um sleep around... in my room...?
Innkeeper That doesn't even make sense.
Black Mage Or does it?
Innkeeper No. It doesn't.
Black Mage Yeah, life's funny that way. Guess you'd better go ahead give me the room key then.
Innkeeper What? We haven't even made the reservation yet.
Black Mage I'm a busy mage! I don't have time to stand around here while you bungle about at your simpleton's monkey-task!
Room key. Hand. Now!
Innkeeper Er, yessir! Right away sir! It's room 2-A.
Black Mage That's more like it!