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Episode 074
Not a great emotion for a black mage to be having.
Not a great emotion for a black mage to be having.
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Date Published Sunday September 2nd, 2001
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Black Mage gets jealous.

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Black Mage Yessir. I'll just wait here while that desk-slave goes and gets me the room key so I can nap.

There ain't nuthin' that beats a nice relaxing nap after brutally assualting a helpless old man, emotionally scarring an innocent child twice, and murdering a pair of city guards in broad day light. Which is a bit ironic really.

All and all, I'd have to say that this has been the perfect day. Yup, nothing could ruin my mood.

Behind Black Mage, White Mage and Black Belt walk towards the stairs holding hands.
Black Mage Well, other than that imbicile Fighter, or that jerk Red Mage, or that con artist Thief. Geez, why'd I have to get stuck on some big quest to save the world with those morons when all I wanted was to get my freak on with that hot White Mage chick?

It's not fair, I tell ya. It's just not...

Black Mage turns around and spots White Mage and Black Belt.
Black Mage (speech bubble melting) fair...