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Episode 075
Episode 75
Either Brian's just not good with sound words, or he name-drops Polish cities on purpose.
Behind Closed Doors
Date Published Wednesday Spetember 5th, 2001
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Black Belt becomes overprotective of White Mage.

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InnkeeperHere's your key, sir. That's room 2-A.
Black MageGRRR
Black Mage fries the Innkeeper with a bolt spell.
Black MageWell now, that was fun but I still feel homicidal, dammit.
Meanwhile, in room 2-B...
Black BeltWell, we're finally here.
White MageYeah...
Black BeltIs there something the matter, White Mage?
White MageIt's just that... did we really have to hold hands on the way here?
Black BeltAs your honor bound protector, it is my duty to make sure that you survive the dark times that have been foretold. If I hold your hand, it is only to keep you near for the sake of my quest.
White MageOh, I understand, but I do not wish to give people the wrong idea.
Black BeltHm, good point. Perhaps I could constantly punch and kick around you so that anything evil that gets near you would be defeated and serve as an example to other evil things so that they'll stay away.
Black Belt thrusts his fist in front of him.
Black BeltHA!
White MageThat is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.
Black BeltI don't think you were paying attention. Watch...
Black Belt thrusts his fist in front of him.
Black BeltHA!
White MageWhy do I have the horrible feeling that I was better off with that psychotic mage and his friends?
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