8-Bit Theater
Episode 078
But at least he tries.
But at least he tries.
Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the Plot...
Date Published Friday, September 14th, 2001
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The Light Warriors get ready for bed while Garland gets ready for an epic battle against his archenemies.

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And so the Light Warriors prepared for sleep...
Light Warriors recline on their beds thinking.
Fighter Mr Pibb, Dr Pepper, I'm on to you...
Thief I wonder how much I could pawn this bed for...
Black Mage If it were possible to combine my evil with Spider-Man's powers...
Red Mage Must re-memorize entire handbook library...
...while a Warrior of Darkness readied for the fated battle that lay ahead.
Garland Yes, the accursed Forest-Imps will know the true meaning of... ... of, uh...
Sara (offscreen) Pain, you dolt! Geez.
Garland Er, Yes! Pain. I knew that. Anyway, my super eeeeevil plan to exterminate those filthy, stinky, stupid Forest-Imps is completed at last!

I made it by myself.

Sara (offscreen) And just what does this 'plan' of yours consist of, hmmm?
Garland It's a well known fact that Forest-Imps live in the froest. So, all I have to do is--
Sara (offscreen) Wait! Don't tell me your plan is to burn the whole forest down.
Garland Oh gosh no! Think of all the innocent little animals who would lose their homes! That's just plain mean.
Sara walks onscreen, wearing her "evil" costume.
Sara OK, you do know that villains are typically evil, right?
Garland Well, yeah. But I don't see why I should be mean about it.
Sara I've said it before and I have no doubt I'll be saying it again. God, you're bad at this.
Garland You look pretty hot in your villain outfit.
Sara Shut up.