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Episode 079
We're all concerned about the Light Warriors, Sara
We're all concerned about the Light Warriors, Sara
Garland Needs Some Help
Date Published Wednesday, September 19th, 2001
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Garland explains to Sara his grudge with the Imps. Sara doesn't care.

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Sara Wait a second. Why are you even worried about the Forest-Imps? It's the Light Warriors that you need to be concerned with.
Image of the Light Warriors appears.
Fighter Hello.
Black Mage Shut up.
Garland Yeah but those danged Forest-Imps are just so full of themselves!

So very proud of their clever little group tactics which make up for the fact that individually they are among the weakest creatures in all the world.

And lookit 'em! Just walkin' around with those damn dirty hands and beady little eyes and their warped sense of morality! Bah!

Plus, I think one of those punks broke my front window. But I can't prove it.

Sara Ok. We need to work on focusing on a goal. Do you follow?
Garland Oh yes, of course. I think that goals are very important. that's why I came up with this brilliant plan to defeat those imps!
Sara (thinking) Is he even listening to me?

(out loud) Look, we've got to work on your priorities here.

Garland How so?
Sara You fool! You kidnapped me to be sacrificed to your lord Chaos! The Light Warriors are coming here to rescue me. If you don't stop them, then you will fail.
Garland But what about the Forest-Imps?
Sara Forget about them already!
Garland Well I'm not not going to pay for that window.
Sara Just shut up. Please.
Garland She's mean but she still looks hot in that villain armor.