8-Bit Theater
Episode 080
No, she's doing it for *our* amusement.
No, she's doing it for *our* amusement.
Three Scenes, One Comic, It's Madness!
Date Published Friday, September 21th, 2001
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Garland has some problems to work out with his lady friend regarding conflicting interests. Black Mage = ditto.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Sara So, so the first step is to forget this stupid plan about the Forest-Imps.
Garland But it's a really good plan.
Sara Yes, fine. Whatever. Well look at that plan after we take care of the Light Warriors.
Garland But I stayed up all night long working on it.
Sara Look, do you want my help or not?! I'm not dressed in this skimpy outfit that simply screams "sexy and evil" for my own amusement, y'know. If you want to usher in a new era of evil, then you're going to have to start acting like it!
Garland Right, gotcha so what do I do first?
Sara Well, you can start by using your bad guy voice.
Garland Well...
Garland It sort of hurts my throat when I do that voice. ...ouch.
Sara (thinking) This is an uphill battle.
Meanwhile, back at the inn...
Squeaking noises fill the room. The words "can't sleep, endless squeaking" repeat over and over
Black Mage (thinking) This sucks. First those morons voted White Mage off, and now she's shacked up with some goofy lookin' Bruce Lee rip off. I think I'll kill them as they sleep.
Over in Room 28
Black Belt (off-screen) Oh yeah! Right there baby. Just like that, yes!
White Mage (off-screen} Excuse me, Black Belt?
Black Belt (off-screen) Huff, puff, yeah? Huff.
Squeaking is revealed to be caused by Black Belt training on the bed.
White Mage Do you really have to practice your kung-fu jumps on the bed? I'm trying to get some rest.
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