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Episode 081
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Weird? What's weird about this?
Weird? What's weird about this?
It's Another One of Those Weird Episodes
Date Published Tuesday, September 25th, 2001
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Some incredibly vague foreshadowing. Or some weird acid trip. Your choice.

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There are places of power. Places of destiny.
Holy places where ley lines cross and the surrounding countryside surges with magikal energy.
Some say that the forces of fate are drawn to these places. That each is a nexus. A point where the ides of history will be turned. Where the world will be changed forever.
A nexus is both a blessing and a curse.
They are a powerful resource to whomever claims them, he who possess a nexus, it is said, holds the power to shape the world.
But they are so hotly contested among mages and kings that merely defending a nexus can be the dismantling of an entire nation.
Ley lines are eternal but they are not unchanging. Indeed, it is their very nature to be in a constant state of flux, to be ever-changing.
This is life. This is magik. Not the mere parlor tricks of circle-sorcery.
Magik is the incarnation of will and its expression upon the face of reality. Not a saw scrawl upon some ancient parchment.
As such, one can never predict when a nexus may fade away ot where a new one may be born.
But what would happen if a nexus was not born as a place...
...but as a man?
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