8-Bit Theater
Episode 085
Red Mage dreams of looking 32-bit
Red Mage dreams of looking 32-bit
"I turned my Bag of Holding inside-out, wrapped it around me, and walked through the dungeon walls..."
Date Published Wednesday, October 10th, 2001
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Red Mage dreams about himself again.

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A Character sheet filled with Red Mage's stats is shown.
Unknown There are Gods, little one.
Some are worshipped.
Some are feared.
Some are worshipped out of fear.
Others have been forgotton;
sealed away for better or worse.

But make no mistake, little one.
To the Gods, this is all a game.
A simple roll of the dice.
But all games must obey rules.
And that is where our order comes into play.

Many are content to merely live by the rules. To go through the entirety of their lives without understanding them. Not those such as we. We have begun to uncover the systems, the machinery that works our world. For centuries we have catalogued and researched and cross-indexed the rules in order to seek a greater understanding of them so that we too may become as Gods. So that we may transcend from mere playthings into the players.

Our understanding is not yet complete. We haven't enough knowledge to fully break the rules, but we may... bend them to our favor from time to time. These are the first steps, little one. The first steps to ascension.

In your travels you will learn much of the world and much of yourself. You will bend the rules, and the rules will bend you. That is the very nature of the game. But remember this. Their dice is our free will.

It's all in the dice...

Back at the Inn...
Red Mage Combat reflexes, plus fast casting, plus magic affinity... I think I'm on to something here.