8-Bit Theater
Episode 086
Those Forest Imps look sick
Those Forest Imps look sick
The Last Weird One for a While
Date Published Friday, October 12th, 2001
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Garland is having nightmares about Forest Imps. No kidding!

Cast Appearing[]



An image of Hell is shown.
Garland I have climbed the peaks of hell; mountains built from the souls of sin...

I have bathed in the fires of hell; flames fueled [sic] by souls consumed with hatred...

I have danced with demons; their lips sweet with promises of power...

I have become one of them; given myself to their devices...

To their lord, Chaos.

But in all my travels through the nine hells, never did I find such evil, such depravity as I found upon the mortal soil,

Several distorted Forest Imps appears.

NOOOOOO! You lousy kids broke my front window! I'm not gonna pay for that! I want names! Hey! Stop running! My armor is too heavy, I can't keep up... my window is broken... broken like so many childhood dreams upon the crags of despair... THE HORROR!

Garland wakes up.
Garland Evil Princess Sara? I had the Forest Imp dream again.

I'm scared.

Sara (offscreen) In that case... go the hell away.
And so Garland did rest
Back in the subconscious, Five Forest Imps chase a scared Garland.
Or did he...