8-Bit Theater
Episode 087
He'll get over it
A Day Late and a Buck Short
Date Published Tuesday, October 16th, 2001
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As the Light Warriors leave Corneria, the Real Light Warriors arrive.

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And so, after a night of really weird dreams that probably have absolutely nothing to do with the course our heroes will take in the expansive adventures and journeys that lie ahead, ha! they finally got their lazy asses outta bed and begin the quest.
FighterAh, there's nothing quite the beginning of a new adventure to get the ol' blood pumpin'.
Red MageOrdinarily, I would agree. After all, it is a well known fact that the single greatest source of XP and handy magic items is adventuring, but in this case...
Black MageWhat is it? Do you think we're doomed because we're stuck with Fighter because you guys are all fuggin' morons and you didn't vote him off the team in favor of White Mage!
Black Mage huffs and puffs.
Red MageEr, well actually I was going to say I'd feel more confident if we were starting off with better equipment. Say, at least a +1/+1 weapon for each of us.
Black MageOh, yeah, there's that too I guess. Anyway, let's just get this damn quest thing over with.
FighterSometimes I get the impression that Black Mage doesn't like us... naaaaw.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Corneria...
The True Warriors of Light stand in front of the Wanted sign.
NinjaFinally, after all our travels, we, the True Warriors of Light, have found our most sacred quest.
A Corneria guard walks up to the sign and sticks a note on it saying:-

Position filled.
Thank you,
The Management

Knight'Let's level up first' you said. 'It'll only take a minute' you said.
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