8-Bit Theater
Episode 088
I prefer Broadswords
I prefer Broadswords
Can't We All Just Get Along
Date Published Thursday, October 18th, 2001
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The Light Warriors finally leave Corneria.

Cast Appearing[]



The Light Warriors are walking.
Fighter So...
Fighter Anyone else here like swords?
Thief You already asked that.
Fighter Did I?
Black Mage (simultaneously) YES!
Red Mage
Fighter So... anyone here like claymores then?
Red Mage You did that too.
Fighter When?
Black Mage Before the flamberges, cutlasses, rapiers, gladiuses, and katanas, but after the bastard sword, longsword, falchion, and scimitar.
Fighter I'm just trying to make conversation, y'know. I figure we're going to be on the destined quest thing for a while, so we oughta get to know each other.
Black Mage What destined quest? Some dude named Garland kidnapped the princess. She gets kidnapped like every other friggin' week!
Thief shows a scroll.
Thief Technically, according to the contract here, our 'team' won't be dissolved until I say so.
Fighter I helped with that part.
Black Mage Why am I not surprised by that?
Thief And it looks like you suckers will be very profitable for me for a long time to come.
Black Mage Very profitable?

If you've go so much money, then why are we tromping through the highly dangerous over world equipped with nothing but our wits?

Fighter Ha! Who needs wits when you've got swords!
The other Light Warriors collapse to the ground.
Fighter What?