8-Bit Theater
Episode 089
Don't complain; they only have 68 HP!
Don't complain; they only have 68 HP!
Random Close Encounters of the Deadly Kind
Date Published Wednesday, October 24th, 2001
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The Light Warriors encounter some Werewolves. Hilarity ensues.

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Script[edit | edit source]

We join our heroes in the midst of battle...
The Light Warriors randomly encounter a couple of Werewolves.
Black Mage Aren't we a bit early in the quest for full on werewolf action?
Thief No Time for that now...

Hey look, it's Elvis.

The Werewolves turn around. Thief uses his whirlwind dagger trick to stab the Werewolves' backside.
Backstab!... x2 damage!
Surprise attack!......... x2 damage!
Critical!..... x2 damage!
Thief Heh. The suckers never saw it comin'.
Werewolves GRRRRR
Black Mage I think we've only succeeded in making them angrier...
Fighter Oh yeah? Well then prepare for a steaming hot pile of action!
Fighter draws his two swords.
Black Mage Steaming Pile?!
Red Mage STOP!
Thief Are you crazy?!
Red Mage Oh yes, I'm crazy alright...


Black Mage That's it. Stand in front of me, sir cap of plumed. I'm gonna Hadoken you and the damn werewolves in one go.
Red Mage Do as you wish, but know that without my help, you'll never get out of this encounter... alive.
Black Mage Still... quite tempted... to kill... Red Mage...
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