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Episode 092
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I Gotta Go With Black Mage on This One
Date Published Friday, October 2nd, 2001
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Now the Werewolves are discussing among themselves...

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter I've got it. 'Crinos? Mo' like you gonna cry when I smack ya upside da nose!'
Thief That's just awful.
Red Mage Agony... unbearable. Healing potion... needed to... sustain my life...
Black Mage Hold on, I've got one that plays off that whole cry thing.

Ahem. Devil may cry, but werewolf gonna die!

Red Mage Life... flashing before my eyes...
Fighter Oh, I like that one.
Thief Hm, as do I. Lyrical and yet topical. Let's use that one.
Red Mage Organs... have been... rearranged in alphabetic... order...
Black Mage Dude. You're a Red Mage. You can use white magic to heal yourself, so what's the problem here?
Red Mage Given that I can only cast a certain number of spells per day, if I were to cast one now I would then become less versatile.
Black Mage If you don't cast one now, then you'll become less alive.
Red Mage Unless one of my intrepid adventuring companions were to hand me a healing potion.
Thief I'm not sure it's feasible at this point in time. We've still got a negative cash flow problem.
Werewolf 1 Well you're about to have a negative blood flow problem!
Fighter They're good...
Werewolf 2 Not to quibble, but shouldn't it be a 'positive blood flow' problem? You see that implies too much of their blood is flowing, which would be an increase along the positive axis.
Werewolf 1 Yes but there's something about using the word 'positive' in conjunction with the word 'problem.' The two just don't gel. It sounded like I was contradicting myself.

(offscreen) And might I add that contradicting me in the heat of battle is not the most effective tactic...

Black Mage This is the most pathetic battle ever. Let's never, never, never talk about it again.