8-Bit Theater
Episode 094
Talk about giving Black Belt the willies...
Talk about giving Black Belt the willies...
Elsewhere in the Woods...
Date Published Saturday, October 10th, 2001
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White Mage and Black Belt discuss nature in the wood.

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White Mage Are you sure it's safe to wander around the overworld like this?
Black Belt Why wouldn't it be?
White Mage Well, you know. The hordes of monsters and all.
Black Belt I prefer to think of these "monsters" as a metaphor for the unknown.
White Mage and Black Belt come across the two arguing werewolves.
Werewolf 2 Take back what you said about my mom!
Werewolf 1 I called her a bitch! She is a female canine, it's not even an insult!
Birds chirp in the trees.
Black Belt Green werewolves are a perfectly natural part of... uh... nature.
White Mage Right
A ghost floats by.
Ghost Booga booga booga!
Black Belt As are ghosts.
A dragon swoops by.
Dragon RAAAR!
Black Belt Er, why, everyone knows you can hardly conceive of a habitat lacking in dragons.
An Ochu walks by.
Black Belt Slimey greeny thingies are the basis of practically the entire food chain. Nothing usual about that.
White Mage Ew
A giant squid appears.
Black Belt But cthulu-style overfiend demon lords?
White Mage Are we in the forest of increasing irony or what?
Black Belt Irony, eh? That gives me an idea!
White Mage Like... running away?
Black Belt lunges at the giant squid.
White Mage See, my idea had the advantage that we'd survive it's execution...
Black Belt Suck fist, vile demon! Er, well you will be sucking fists as soon as I can get past all these damn tentacles to something that does the sucking... oh dear Lord, that's not a tentacle!
White Mage Sigh...