8-Bit Theater
Episode 095
He's not happy!
He's not happy!
Black Belt's Got a Problem
Date Published Friday, November 16th, 2001
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Black Belt insists he isn't happy. Or a homosexual. One of those.

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White Mage and Black Belt carry on walking.
White Mage So--
Black Belt (interrupting) I'M NOT GAY!
White Mage stares at Black Belt.
White Mage I didn't say that you--
Black Belt (interrupting) I mean, in the heat of battle, all those tentacles, how can you tell?!

It's not like I was looking for... one of those!

White Mage I didn't think you were, I--
Black Belt (interrupting) Y'know, not that I've had time to reflect on it, I think it must've been a tentacle.

It's just that I must've seen it at a weird angle.

I just thought I saw... that.

White Mage That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
Black Belt Not that I'm so obsessed with phallic imagery that I see it everywhere I go.
White Mage Of course not, I never would've--
Black Belt (interrupting) Because I'm certainly not repressing anything which is being super-imposed upon my world view via my overactive subconscious mind.
White Mage ...OK.
Black Belt Good.
White Mage Swell.
Black Belt Then it's settled.
White Mage Yup.
White Mage and Black Belt carry on walking.
Black Belt But I'm not gay!