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Episode 097
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Heroes Gathered
Date Published Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
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All of Final Fantasy's six playable characters have a reunion for the first time in this comic.

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Black Belt (offscreen) I'm really not gay!
Black Mage Well, I have to admit...
Close up on Thief's shoes.
Black Mage ...those shoes were starting to make me wonder.
Thief (confused) What're you talking about?
Fighter I think we all know. I mean, lookit 'em!
Black Mage Your shoes. They're a little... that way.
Red Mage Black Mage has a point. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were... y'know.
Thief No, I don't.
Fighter They look like elf shoes to me.
Black Mage Well, that's not exactly what I meant, but those tree-huggin' hippy bastards are about 5 minutes from it, I'll tell ya that.
Thief I'll have you know--
Black Belt (offscreen) I'm not gay!
Black Mage No one said you were, fruity.
Thief Sh!
Black Mage Oh now you're being catty.
Thief Quiet!
Black Mage Reeowr, hiss!
Thief I think I hear someone approaching. To the trees!
Thief leaps into the trees, pushing Red Mage in the process.
Red Mage Oof!
Black Mage You pushed Red Mage.
Thief They'll be upon us any moment, hurry!
Black Mage Onto Fighter's sword.
Fighter Which is weird 'cause it started out sheathed.
Red Mage I botched my athletics roll... big time.
White Mage and Black Belt arrive.
Black Belt I can prove it too, I'll kick all their asses. In alphabetical order.

Er... not that I want to touch their asses. Just kick 'em.

White Mage Why me?