8-Bit Theater
Episode 098
I thought Fighter was the big idiot
It Was in the Best Interests of the Patient
Date Published Wednesday, November 28th, 2001
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Black Mage clearly doesn't want Red Mage to be healed by White Mage. Too many mages...

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White MageOh my. What happened to Red Mage?
ThiefA slight miscalculation on his part.
FighterReally? 'Cause I though he tries to attack those invincible werewolves single-handedly in some overly-complex plan that surely would've guaranteed our victory had any of us understood what he was talking about.
ThiefWell yes. To be fair, his miscalculation was to trust in us....

But the way you put it, it sounds like it was our fault.

Black MageMaybe, but I blame Red Mage anyway.
White MageBased on what?
Black MageSpite mostly.

Plus I think he's a big idiot.

White Mage... I see.

Be that as it may, would you mind stepping back so I can heal him?

Black MageYyyynnn... yyy... n. I er... this is a trick question, isn't it.
White Mage(thinking) Must remember White Mage's Oath. Must not bring harm to others...
Black MageWhy don't you just tell me what you want me to answer?

Better hurry, White Mage. He's not gettin' any healthier. Ain't that right?

Black Mage kicks Red Mage.
Black MageI said, ain't that right!
Black Mage draws out his dagger.
Black MageC'mon, answer already! Don't make me stab you good in the face!
White Mage 'pows' Black Mage with her hammer.
ThiefWow, that dopey lookin' pointy hat sure is aerodynamic! Yowza.
White MageAhem
Cut to Brian wearing a Black Mage T-shirt.
Brian ClevingerI'm dancin' like a monkey!
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