8-Bit Theater
Episode 099
Fighter's bestest idea EVAR!!!
Fighter's bestest idea EVAR!!!
A Look into the Private Thoughts of Fighter
Date Published Friday, December 7th, 2001
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Fighter somehow finds the time to write a journal.

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Fighter's Journal
(do not look, especially if you are Black Mage!)
Today is my first official day of being a LIGHT WARRIOR!!!! Right now we are just taking a little break while Red Mage gets healed up by White Mage. I think that Black Mage might need some healing too (why do I hang out with so many mages? Oh well, it is a mystery of the univarse, but at least I gets MORE SWORDS!). But first we will have to find him because White Mage hits very hard. Red Mage said she must've rolled a 'natural twenty'. I am not sure, but I think he must gamble a lot or something because he is always talking about dice. Maybe that is why he and Thief get along so well. Red Mage like to gamble and Thief likes to take all of his shineys.

Anyway, the reason that we are resting is because we just had our very first RANDOM ENCOUNTER!!!! Well, we've had them before, but never as a group! I really feel like we're officially LIGHT WARRIORS now! There were these werewolves and they looked really mean and Thief stabbed 'em in their backs. Black Mage whispered something about how felt strange to see Thief stabbing someone else in the back besides us but I don't know what he meant by that. The werewolves didn't die though so Red Mage had a really good idea (I knew it was good because it involved me using my swords to kill evil monsters. That's the textbook definition of BRILLIENT!). But then something went wrong and Red Mage got hurt really bad. So then the werewolves went away because they were yelling at each other. I hope they are pals again because friends are good. I don't know how I could get around without a good fiend like Black Mage. He's been my best friend since forever but he always says "Don't remind me" when I tell him that. He is so funny!!!

Since we are taking a break, I decided to make a sketch of my latest brillient idea. SWORD-CHUCKS! As you can see, I have solved all the complex engineering problems (other that stabbing yourself to death and slicing off your own hands but I am sure I'll think of something). Oh, I think we found Black Mage so I will go now. BYE!!!!

The Light Warriors (and White Mage) find Black Mage stuck in a tree.
Black Mage Ouch...