8-Bit Theater
Episode 1018
How else would people get ahead, with hard work and honest ethics?
Power Struggle
Date Published Thursday, July 17th 2008
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And this is why certain people are successful and others have to chip away at an ice block

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Drizz'l and Garland stand outside the temple, arguing.
Drizz'lNo, we CANNOT hire him. He's a Light Warrior, we hate him so much! Argh!
GarlandThe legend clearly states that there are FOUR Warriors of Light.
GarlandRight now, with him here, there's only THREE of them. Therefore, there are no Light Warriors.
Drizz'lFor the record? That's inane.
Bikke appears, close-up, joining the two.
BikkeNo, it be makin' the mathemalogical sense.
Drizz'lBikke. Two times two.
Drizz'lThank you for proving the point I was about to make.
GarlandFurther, as there cannot be Shadow without Light, there are no Dark Warriors either.
Drizz'lGarland, you're not our leader, remember? You're not in position to make this kind of call any more.
Vilbert arrives, standing across from Drizz'l and between Garland and Bikke.
VilbertBut if the Dark Warriors are no more, then you aren't in charge either.
BikkeHe's got a point. Fruitbat, though be be. Yar.
Drizz'lHe specifically does not have any point at all!
Black Mage finally shows up in this panel behind Bikke.
Black MageGentlemen, I have a radical proposal.
Drizz'lDon't listen to him! He's the enemy! The Prince of Lies!
Black MageLies are just creative truths.
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