8-Bit Theater
Episode 1019
Pirate Democracy - the best there is
Pirate Democracy - the best there is
Rape, Murder, and Pillage - Trias Politica
Date Published Saturday, July 19th 2008
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You Already Saw This One.
Date Published Friday, August 1st 2008
Previous Comic Episode 1019: Rape, Murder, and Pillage - Trias Politica
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And this is why Monarchy is the way to go!

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Drizz'l No. A thousand times no, then ten thousand more times no.
Black Mage A democratic election with complete transparency is the only fair means to determine membership in the new Dark Warriors.
Drizz'l There are no new Dark Warriors!
Vilbert Of course not. We haven't voted yet.
Drizz'l There's nothing to vote.
We haven't disbanded!
Bikke Don't ye be thinking ye can be silencing my voice!
Piracy be steeped in the democratic process.
Drizz'l Aren't pirates gangs of murdering bastards who are barely kept in line by threats of unthinkable cruelty by their captains?
Bikke That's right. democracy.

They says what they wants to do, then we do what I wants to do because I gots the power what be veto.

Drizz'l This "veto", it's a plank, isn't it.
Bikke Aye!
Black Mage Then it's settled, votes for all!
One vote later...
Drizz'l stands before Red Mage, Thief and Fighter in a block of ice.


This episode is repeated twice: Once on the July 19th and again on the August 1st. What happened in between these dates was a series of comics from Atomic Robo.