8-Bit Theater
Episode 1030
You don't see many castles like that, you know...
You don't see many castles like that, you know...
Interior Decay
Date Published Thursday, August 28, 2008
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Cast Appearing[]


  • Temple of Fiends


Bikke Whar be the fluted columns?
Black Mage Funny story.
Black Mage Turns out your whole castle here is built out of the still screaming undead.
Black Mage Oh, sure. They've been forged into wooden planks and bricks so you can't hear them.
But they scream a lot.
Black Mage Anyhow, I'm kind of a necromancer hobbyist.
Not sure who did your set up here, but it was completely insecure.
Garland I don't know what that means.
Black Mage It's not important anyway.
Black Mage The point is that I was free to bind the temple to my will.
Black Mage First point of order was to renovate the meeting hall here.
Black Mage I mean, c'mon. Just how many evil organizations discuss their plans against the backdrop of a sun-dappled vista?
Garland Mine did.
Black Mage Yeah. Hey, welcome to the point.
Vilbert I like it. Reminds me of what I feel like on the inside, y'know.
The way my parents don't understand.
Black Mage Okay, I hate it now.