8-Bit Theater
Episode 103
It's a very burnt bee
It's a very burnt bee
Those Wacky Light Warriors
Date Published Friday, December 28th, 2001
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White Mage and Black Belt leave the Light Warriors in order to keep with the Light Warriors, if that makes sense.

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Black Mage So I guess this is where we part, huh?
White Mage Yup!

For now, anyway. I'm sure we'll bump into one another in the future because we're just using you guys to get us to Chaos without any trouble so we can save the world.

Lousy White Mage's oath. It always kicks in when I don't want it to.

Black Belt Do you think they're on to us now?
The Light Warriors stare at White Mage and Black Belt.
Black Mage Where are you guys off to anyway?
White Mage (to Black Belt) This is going to be easier than I thought.

(to Light Warriors) We're not going to Garland's castle. Nope. Not even close.

The Light Warriors zoom off.
Black Belt Aren't we going to follow them?
White Mage I'm sure they can take care of themselves.
The Light Warriors are thrown into the air by a massive explosion.
Red Mage It was only a bee!
Black Mage Not no mo' it ain't!
Thief I can see my house from here
White Mage Of course, I could be wrong...


  • This is the first episode to feature a news post at the bottom of the page. it reads:-
"Sorry for the interruption in service. Nope, no idea what's going on. Those poor souls who are tasked with making things like this right are now sleeping, so all I can say is that it'll be fixed when it's fixed. Wish I had more info, but that's just not the reality with which we've been dealt. Stay tuned for updates on the fixing. Of course, it might be fixed while I'm sleeping, and then there would be no updates, but at least it'd be fixed, and you can choose to take that as a pleasant surprise to fill your day with joy. Or else."
Brian, 12:00, 12 December 2001
  • This news post and all subsequent news posts in the later comics have been removed when the Nuklear Power website had a redesign on the 1st April 2009.