8-Bit Theater
Episode 104
"Yeah, I heard several of Wham's hits"
Gotta Know Where We've Been to Know Where We're Goin'
Date Published Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
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We review what has happened in 2001. Black Belt breaks some twigs.

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And so, to recap the adventure thus far...
Our heroes are walking through Imp Forest on their way to the Temple of Fiends where the vile Garland resides with the kidnapped Princess Sara...
FighterAre we there yet?
Because King Steve proclaimed them to be the true Light Warriors who would save the world from a great evil.
Cut to the Throne Room in Corneria Castle. The Real Light Warriors visit King Steve.
King SteveWhy, your Orbs of Light aren't even lukewarm with destiny! I demand that you charlatans leave my chambers immediately!
This may not have been the best idea.
They are being "helped" on this quest by the unlikely pair of White Mage and Black Belt who seem to be up to some serious scheming.
Cut to White Mage and Black Belt in Imp Forest.
White MageJust so you know, this 'art of silent walking' of yours seems to involve stepping on a lot of dry twigs.
Black BeltThat's just your imagination. Hush.
Cut to the Light Warriors. Out of frame, Black Belt steps on a twig.


Black Belt(out of frame) Er, you have a very loud imagination. Fix it.
White Mage(out of frame) Oh sure, just let me find my hammer so I can beat some sense into the problem itself.
Black MageDid you guys hear somethin'?
ThiefJust the nonstop flow of money into my various overseas bank accounts.
Red MageI heard the haunting melody of a natural 20 being rolled which is then followed up by rolling maximum damage.
FighterWhat was the question?
Black Belt(out of frame) He asked if you heard any--
FighterHm, nope. The only wham I heard was that one just now.
Black MageOh good, me too...
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