8-Bit Theater
Episode 105
Count how many Forest Imps there are in this frame
Count how many Forest Imps there are in this frame
Gettin' Closer to Garland's
Date Published Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
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The Light Warriors do some walking, Garland does some talking, Fighter does some laughing.

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Garland Those accursed Light Warriors are no doubt on their way here to rescue the fair--yet very evil--Princess Sara.
The Light Warriors are walking through the forest.
Garland She has been hard at work in the library lately. She said my bad guy speech was no good so she's working on a new one for me.

I don't know what was so bad about it. Ahem: "I am Garland. Would you like some fresh baked cookies?"

Fighter Snicker
Garland I mean, just because I'm evil doesn't mean I have to be rude. It's important to me to be a good host. That's just how I was raised, y'know?

We are living in a society, afterall. We have rules. Without them, we'd be no better than... than...

Fighter Heh... hehehe
Several Forest Imps appear behind Garland's head.

Ahem. But Evil Princess Sara won't have any of it. You know, sometimes I wonder if she's getting into this a little too much.

Garland It's almost like she enjoys playing out this evil side. I don't even know where she got that evil outfit.

But I'm sure I'm worrying about no-thing. What's she gonna do, usurp me as the main villain when I'm clearly the superior evil-doer? Ha!

Black Mage dammit, Fighter! Stop thinking about the family circus!
Fighter So... hilarious. Heh... can't... help it! Little Billy's comics... genius. Tee hee!


  • Brian Clevinger had made a couple of typographic errors in this episode. He typed 'speech' as 'speeach' and 'Princess' as 'Princes'.