8-Bit Theater
Episode 1074
Gurple's a fruit!
Gurple's a fruit!
Firstname, Megabucks.
Date Published December 12th, 2008
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So, how much are you getting for me not killing my friends?

Cast Appearing[]


  • Inside a hall of the newly renovated Temple of Fiends.


Swordopolis (Closeup of Swordopolis) You can't kill them. Each has a role in what is to come next.
Fighter Why should I listen to you?
Fighter You're just a pigment of my imagination. Like Bleen or Gurple.
Swordopolis That's... Wow. I'm... uh, going to power through that one.
Swordopolis Your friends and, yes, your enemies, are integral to the future.
Fighter Really?
Swordopolis That's what I heard.
Fighter From who?
Swordopolis Sir Knifington, C.P.A. He read it on a bulletin board
Fighter (Up-close and raising his arms) A knighted accountant? Bulletin boards? That's a heck of a society I didn't know you guys had.
Swordopolis Oh we've got it all. Plumbers, celebrities all kinds of stuff really.
Fighter (Looking down) I kind of thought you were the heavenly avatar of swords.
Swordopolis On my days off, yeah.
Fighter Days off?
Swordopolis (His glasses are tilted down) You can't avatar full time. There's no money in it.
Swordopolis Except for ol' Dollarsly. He's rolling in it.


Two additional avatars, Sir Knifington, C.P.A. and ol' Dollarsly (presumed first name Megabucks), are referenced yet unseen in this strip.