8-Bit Theater
Episode 1079
Ah, the beauty of language...
Verbal Flanking
Date Published Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
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The Trickster God is out-tricked

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ThiefI guess what confuses me is, I'm not sure why you think I owe you anything.
RavenLet me speak plainly then.
RavenThere was a time I brought you back from death.
RavenIn return, you promised to give me whatever I asked at a later, and unspecified date.
RavenTurns out that's now.
ThiefBut see, that just brings up a new thorny issue.
RavenDo tell.
ThiefWell, I could say that the alleged agreement was made under duress and therefore invalid.
Of course, the only was anyone agrees with anything in Elfland is for one party to be under duress.
Otherwise, everyone just haggles and nothing gets done.
ThiefSo, I'll have to object on the grounds that you tricked me into thinking I was dead when I wasn't.
You didn't bring me "back" from anything at all.
Therefore, I don't owe you jack.
RavenHow did you find out?
ThiefI only suspected it until you confirmed it for me just now.
Three frames click by with Raven staring at Thief.
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