8-Bit Theater
Episode 1082
The ground seems interesting today.
The ground seems interesting today.
CSI: Black Mage
Date Published Tuesday, January 13 2009
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Black Mage investigates...

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Red Mage,holding the Datasphere, standing next to the remains of a monster.
Darko What happened here?
Black Mage Clearly, Red Mage, drunk with stupidity, took it upon himself to slay this hideous creature.
He failed miserably, of course.
Failure is pretty much his job.
And he failed so hard that it left Red Mage catatonic.
The monster was so embarrassed by Red Mage's pitiful (and typical) incompetence that it commit explosive suicide.
Black Mage Then the datasphere appeared.
For no reason.
Darko I'm not sure any of that is very likely, and I know parts of it are impossible.
Black Mage Well, okay, look, it was either that or Red Mage was secretly turned into a monster and thought he could cure himself by accessing the infinite destructive wisdom of the datasphere he pocketed from Warmech.
Black Mage But I doubt that was it.
Darko (off screen) Oh?
Black Mage Yeah, this one's empty.