8-Bit Theater
Episode 1084
You know, the one that happens after now.
You know, the one that happens after now.
Date Published Tuesday January 20th, 2009
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Sarda keeps the kid. Berserker goes, well, berserk.

Cast Appearing[]


Circle Cave


Rogue I'm not fully convinced this is such a hot idea.
Ranger We are heroes and this is where we are needed!
There is no hotter idea!
Berserker Aye, as warriors brave and true, we must come to the aid of those who need it.
Rogue Sure, I'm down for all that jazz.
But this seems exceedingly dangerous.
Sarda Your yammering would bore me to tears even if I wasn't pre-bored of it from the future.
Berserker Knave! You must relinquish the innocent child or face our heroic thrashings.
Sarda Hmm, no. The kid stays with me.
Berserker Do not profess that we failed to give ample fore-warning!
Berserker's monocle pops out of his eye.
Cleric We should run now.
Berserker Crap