8-Bit Theater
Episode 1085
Next on Sound Effects of the New Millennium!
Next on Sound Effects of the New Millennium!
Hardly Knew Ye
Date Published Thursday January 22th, 2009
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Berserker goes to a better place.

Cast Appearing[]


Circle Cave


Berserker Axinhed disappears with a FASHAM.
Cleric Um.
Sarda Yes, that is the correct response.
Rogue What, uh, happened to Berserker?
Sarda Oh, he's gone to a better place.
Cleric Like, metaphorically, or...
Sarda No. Like the beach.
But not the Moon.
Ranger Am I the only one confused by that?
Rogue I'm a little lost on the whole beach/moon thing as well.
Cleric Sir, could you be more specific? Thanks.
Sarda Absolutely.
Sarda He is locked in perpetual orbit around a point three seconds to the left of the future.
The Other Warriors stand silently.
Ranger That didn't help me.
Rogue He was specific. You have to give him that.
Cleric What does that mean?
Sarda It means there's not much point in talking about him.