8-Bit Theater
Episode 1086
Gotta love them sound effects.
Gotta love them sound effects.
Shit Just Got
Date Published Saturday January 24th, 2009
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Now Sarda's just showing off.

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Cleric That doesn't make sense.
Things don't just happen. I demand a rational explanation.
Sarda Your brain can't process six of the verb tenses needed to explain it to you.
So, you'll just have to believe me.
Cleric Believe without evidence? What do you take me for, a not-at-all-atheist?
Sarda Fine, I don't care. Enjoy your evidence.
I hope witnessing the unknowable puts into perspective your wasted and meaningless life.
Cleric disappears.
Rogue This is an alarming trend.
Ranger Is it?
Ranger Only people who aren't us have disappeared, Rogue.
Should this pattern continue, we ought to be fine.
Rogue Why does that make more sense than I think it should?
Ranger Don't question it!
Rogue Right. Okay.
Rogue I have to believe that this will work out in the end.
Sarda That's a shame.
Rogue disappears.
Ranger Empiricism and faith failed me where the bow shall not!
Sarda A bow and an arrow. Really.