8-Bit Theater
Episode 1087
Even though it looks like a piece of cake.
Even though it looks like a piece of cake.
Exalted Feat
Date Published Tuesday January 27th, 2009
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Now I wonder why I never wanted to be a dual-class Ranger.

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Ranger No. Not a bow and arrow.
Ranger But rather it is a bow and three arrows!
Sarda Make it thirty. I still wouldn't care, but it'd at least be impressive.
Ranger This is only the beginning of your downfall, Wizard.
Sarda (To the Onion Kid) Why don't you get your Uncle Sarda a drink. He has to kill a man.
Sarda Now then.
"Wizard"? Are you kidding me? Wizards do parlor tricks. I throttle the heavens.
Ranger Behold! For as a ranger, I possess the rare and enviable Dual-Wield!
Ranger Have you a sense of the sudden and violent brevity of your future?
Sarda That's... This is what you're going with? Dual-Wield.
Ranger Moreover! As a ranger/ranger, I can dual-wield my Dual-Wield!
Sarda What.
Ranger Behold the mythical art of quad-wielding and its dodecarrow storm!
Sarda How are you holding those?
Ranger It's not easy.
Ranger Really hurts the neck.