8-Bit Theater
Episode 1094
Isn't it 826 episodes too late for a crisis of conscience?
Isn't it 826 episodes too late for a crisis of conscience?
Needs An Extreme Makeover
Date Published Saturday February 14th, 2009
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Oh, dear God! They're summoning hangnails!

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Drizz'l Okay, so we can't kill them ourselves because they're like napping kittens and it makes us emotional.
Garland What can we do?
Drizz'l Just follow me.
Drizz'l What do you think?
Garland I think we're in the basement.
Bikke Yar. Be the plan to lure them in here for to killin' 'em with radon?
Vilbert What if his plan is to lure us down here?
Bikke Ye mutinous cur!
Drizz'l Please stop being stupid.
Drizz'l This is where all the big summoning happens.
Garland Er. In the basement?
Drizz'l Okay, I admit the decorum is lacking.
Drizz'l But it's because we used up all the evil to make the outside cool.
Garland What do you plan to summon?
Drizz'l Simple.
The Light Warriors' worst nightmares.
Bikke Like bad hangnails what get caught on ye pantaloons' pockets?
Drizz'l Sure, Bikke.
Like that.