8-Bit Theater
Episode 1095
This somehow reminds me of high school.
This somehow reminds me of high school.
They're All Correct, Really
Date Published Tuesday February 17th, 2009
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Does this honestly ever not happen when the Dark Warriors are around?

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Garland Like finding a dead rat in their food?
Vilbert Oh, or a severed finger!
Garland Oh, how fiendish! You'd never feel comfortable eating at a restaurant again! Nice one, Vilbert.
Drizz'l I think you're all taking "nightmares" too literally.
Garland I think you're ignoring the strategic benefit of psychological warfare.
Drizz'l How about the psychological warfare of summoning up some huge and evil monsters that will kill them?
Vilbert Can it be a huge and evil rat creature, which we kill first and put into their food?
Drizz'l I don't think you follow.
Garland Oh, but we do. Once they're demoralized from the rat incident, it'll be all the easier for the huge and evil rat creature to kill them!
Drizz'l The rat creature you want to kill to put into their food.
Vilbert Perhaps we could summon two rat creatures then?
Drizz'l You do this every time.
This plan is simple. Why do you seek idiotic complications?
Bikke Aye, tis true. We need only bring about our broadside and be the first what to fire.