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Episode 1097
Episode 1097
Steps 1 and 2 can be used in a multitude of situations.
Evil Plan, Cliff's Notes Version
Date Published Saturday February 21st, 2009
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Of all the times Bikke could have said something intelligent...

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Drizz'lOkay, according to this spell, we're ready to summon up a juicy Hell lord.
GarlandOne question.
GarlandEarlier, when you called this the Circle of Fatal Sacrifices, what exactly did you mean by that?
Drizz'lProbably nothing sinister.
GarlandOh, carry on.
As they say, "Always trust an Elf."
BikkeThey do be saying that...
Bikke...On opposite day.
Drizz'lShit, they're on to me.
GarlandI should be upset, but I can't help taking this as a huge compliment.
GarlandYou can't summon something as powerful as Hell lords without sacrificing what's most important to you in the world!
GarlandThis is probably the nicest thing Drizz'l has ever done for us.
Garland picks up and reads Drizz'l's scroll.
"1. Lead morons into basement to kill them.

2. Kill them.

3. Summon nothing, because it was a lie."
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