8-Bit Theater
Episode 1099
That's always great.
That's always great.
Date Published Thursday February 26th, 2009
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This is why people don't want to be demons. Otherwise, it'd be a blast.

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Drizz'l Well, this is the Temple of Fiends.
Lich Then we're in the right place.
Drizz'l I didn't order any fiends though.
Lich Then I guess we have to do someone else's bidding.
Drizz'l And What I meant by that was I summoned fiends. You see?
Lich Hey, we weren't pulled from the depths of Hell to argue semantics with an Elf.
Uh, I hope.
Lich I swear, kids these days.
They get a book at the mall and they think that makes them a necromancer.
Drizz'l Okay, no semantics. We'll do evil. We'll do wicked evil.
Lich And not your homework? I can't tell you how many demons I've seen called upon to do homework.
Drizz'l No. We'll murder. It'll be great.
Meanwhile, the Sulk is seen reading the cover of Necromantic Arts for Dummies: The fun and easy way to summon and control the dead (not for sex).
Sulk Sulk knew he should have sacrificed Cure albums instead of Morrissey.